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If You Think a diversity and inclusion certificate program is the solution to the problem, give that a 2nd thought.
August 23, 2019
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Changing your life starts and ends with you.

FACT: Innovation is one of the major benefits of successful diversity and inclusion.

And that is one of the primary reasons that so many businesses and organizations are struggling to crack the inclusion code is they want the beneficial outcome of innovation. Now let’s imagine that innovation is a dish. What kind of innovation do you want? The variety that feels like it carries all the burdens of managing prefabricated supply lines…or do you want the type of innovation that feels like a warm hug?

Of course we agree a business solution needs to be practical and it also needs to be innovative. Because as Einstein reminded us – we can’t use the same thinking used to create the problem. And herein lies the issue with so many approaches. And that begins thinking about the outcome in ways that include how folks feel getting there.

If the warm hug variety resonates with you then keep reading. You’ve found the right place and maybe we need to talk. (scroll down to schedule your “handshake chat”) This isn’t just total BS….we talking real talk here. Outcomes that look like success by one metric or single view metrics may not give an accurate picture of your results. What happened was happening with employee morale and retention? Those numbers tend to become action triggers once they’ve reached crisis levels.

Introducing the concept of personal innovation lifestyles was something I started because it was clear to me that the future depends on it. The future of business and institutions, yes of course- but your happiness and peace of mind are on the line as well. Stress inducing strategies to push an agenda forward don’t tend to deliver on their promises and deliver outcomes that fall short of what is possible with more wisdom and creativity

If You Think a diversity and inclusion certificate program is the solution to the problem

You aren’t alone.

If you think the solution is a plan to simply increase the number of minority employees within your organization, you are making one of the most common mistakes. You are seeing symptoms as the problem, leading you to ask the wrong questions….

When it comes to innovation research has proven that diversity inclusion is key. However, the difficulty with that has a long and well-documented history. Take for example the story from the episode “Burn it down” on “This American Life ” podcast. In one of the interviews with a member of “the brotherhood” firefighters in Amsterdam he states perfectly why approaches like Empowered Innovation [CFAaP] System offers better options than traditional approaches to organizational change management or innovation.

From the episode:

“Joanna Kakissis

How much do you think that the force should adapt to new firefighters?


The thing is– when we have the feeling that we are forced to change, then it’s going to be– that’s, in my opinion, the wrong way. So if you want to change, the trick is not to force it, and do it in a very clever way, that you–

Joanna Kakissis

In a very what way?


In a clever way, that you change without noticing. That would be a perfect way. And this is not happening right now.”


Issues of increasing organizational capacity for Innovation by fortifying individuals is easier to grasp than some of the larger more unsettling context.  Nevertheless, these broader issues are also equally personal in terms of their impacts.

The Empowered Innovation [CFAaP] 1 day workshop leverages personal meaningfulness to teach mental model adaptation and increase capacity for Innovation.

As long as folks are resistant to the big changes needed to move from the mental models that have created our history, it makes sense to explore solutions based on making many smaller changes over longer and longer periods of time. Think of it as using the natural medicine of your own passion to heal the root causes that have caused us to internalize processes that serve a broken system.

 “Even though the primary focus of climate action so far has been shifting to renewable energy, tackling climate change will also require completely rethinking how we make and use products. A new report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, an organization focused on the circular economy, found that if the world shifted to renewables, that would only account for 55% of our current emissions. The remaining 45% of emissions mostly come from making and using food, clothes, cars, buildings, and other products. To meet the climate goal of zero emissions by 2050, all of those things also need to change.”

Empowered Innovation [CFAaP] has come from art-based inquiry to create solutions that sidestep resistance to change and leverages your current momentum to pivot in the direction of the needed changes over the course of weeks not hours. And it’s not as complicated as it sounds when you’re actually doing it.

So what do I mean by momentum? Think of it like this…if your success is a buffet then what’s on the buffet would have some relationship to what you’re hungry for. Moving in the direction of the ingredients and meals you want – closer to and in the direction of your buffet would be a good way of understanding the momentum I am referring to.

And this kind of personal transformation on a large scale has a massive impact, but that all comes down to how you and I use our freedom to act.

In 2019 I accepted the position as coordinator of WE Campaign for Freedom. Exploring the issues around personal and collective freedom myself I decided I would begin donating 10% of my sales to this campaign. Specifically towards the launch of the Freedom events in Seattle in 2020. Sign up to get more information about volunteering, sponsorship and attendance.

Now, if you feel really excited or curious about what’ve you’ve encountered here and you found the masterclass on transforming challenges valuable – then chances are we ought to at least have a “handshake chat“. <—Just click that link to set that up.

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